Monday, 12 August 2013

Atti pathiri/Atti pathil (layer rotti)/ ithal pathiri

Atti pithiri old photo

(I posted here a new image of atti pithiri that I prepared with raw rice. Taste wise atti pithiri with kaima rice is better).

Atti pathiri is a layered rice rotti made with biriyani rice and coconut milk. This is one of the famous tasty dish of Malabar Muslims (north region of Kerala) with coconut milk flavor and smooth melty texture. My mother used to make this along with pepper chicken,its a great combination. You can have this with any veg and non veg curries.

Kaima rice/ jeera rice/ any biriyani rice               : 2 cup
Cooked  rice                                                         : 2 tbsp
Coconut milk                                                        :  1 cup
Shallot                                                                   : 8
Cumin seed                                                           : 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Ghee/ oil                                                                : 1 tbsp

  1. Wash and soak biriyani rice for 2 hour
  2. Grind it with cooked rice (leftover rice ), shallot, cumin seed and coconut milk. Batter should not be too much water but should be in dropping consistency
  3. (You can add water if it is too thick)
  4. Heat steam pot. Take a round casting tray, drop some oil or ghee and spread well
  5. Pour one laddle of batter in tray and place in steam pot
  6. Close the lid and cook for 3-4 minute
  7. Open the lid and spread 1/4  tsp of ghee/oil on it
  8. Then again add one laddle of batter and cook for 3minute more
  9. Then spread ghee/oil  and repeat till it cover tray
  10. Finally close the lid and cook for 10-15minute
  11. Cut it into small pieces and serve with your favorite curry

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