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Meen pathiri (Fish stuffed steamed rice rotti)/ Meen porichu vacha pathil/ Purathe pathil

I am updating this with new picture. Last one month I enjoyed my vacation and I tasted all my favorite food. I told my mother to prepare all traditional foods and she prepared. This is also her preparation...unlike last time here I am showing pathiri preparation in banana leaf :)

 Here I present another Malabar delicacy meen pathiri. It is fish stuffed steamed rice rotti. In my locality we call it as Poricha meen pathiri (fried fish rotti). My sister Rafeedha prepared this and it came out super tasty. The taste was exactly as my mother's preparation. 

Meen pathiri- old picture
For this preparation first we have to prepare fish masala filling. I normally prefer fleshy fish.Next is make rice dough and flatten it in a sheet, my mother use banana leaf for this. But here we used aluminium foil, if you can please prepare in banana leaf that is the traditional way of preparation.


For pathiri
Par boiled rice                                                              :  3 cup
Grated coconut                                                             : 1 cup
Shallot                                                                          :  ½ cup
fennel seed                                                                   :  3 tsp
Salt to taste

For fish fry
King Fish or any fleshy fish                                            : 400g
Chilli powder                                                                 : 2-3 tsp
Turmeric powder                                                           :  1 tsp
Lime juice or vinegar                                                      : 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil                                                                                 : 2 tsp

For masala
Grated coconut                                                             : 1 ½ cup
Coriander powder                                                         : 2 tsp
Chilli powder                                                                 : 1 tsp
Turmeric powder                                                          : ½ tsp
Garam masala                                                                : ½ tsp
Sliced onion                                                                  : 2 cup
Tomato                                                                          : 1
Chopped Green chilli                                                      : 3 tsp
Chopped Ginger                                                              : 1- 2 tsp
Chopped garlic                                                               : 1- 2  tsp
Curry leaves
Salt to taste
Oil                                                                                 : 1 tbsp

For pathiri dough
  1. Wash and soak the rice for 4- 6 hour
  2. mix rice with, grated coconut, shallot,fennel seed, salt and  grind with little water until get thick dough

For fish fry
  1. clean and cut fish into medium size pieces
  2. Marinate this with chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, and lime juice. Keep it for an hour
  3. Heat oil in pan and shallow fry fish pieces
For masala
  1. In a pan roast grated coconut till it turns reddish brown colour
  2. Add all spices into it and saute
  3. Grind it to make smooth paste
  4. In a pan add oil and fry onion till it become transparent
  5. Add sliced tomato, green chilli, ginger garlic and salt saute well
  6. Add coconut paste and mix nicely. Cook for few more minute
  7. Finally add curry leaves
  8. Mince 2 fish pieces and mix with masala
Pathiri preparation
  1. Take a small ball of dough flatten it to get round shape
  2. Place masala on pathiri spread evenly and place 2 or 3 fried fish on it
  3. Spread masala on another pathiri and place this on fish filled pathiri. Cover nicely and press edges with your finger
  4. Steam each pathiri in steamer for 20- 25 minute
  5. Cut pathiri in equal pieces and serve hot

(Note: Instead of grinding rice you can use rice flour. For this preparation you have to grind coconut, shallot and fennel seed  first then mix this into rice flour and add equal amount of boiled water with salt into it (for 1 cup rice flour 1 cup water). Mix properly and make thick smooth dough.) 

                                   New stepwise photos


                                               Old picture

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