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Mutta pola /Mutta kums (Egg cake) - with stepwise picture

New picture

I am here updating Mutta pola recipe with stepwise picture. I received one comment related this recipe then when I checked this I noticed some mistake in my measurement. I really apologize for I corrected everything..
Mutta pola is a traditional cake in Malabar area. Even before baking got famous the people residing in Malabar area used to cook Mutta pola without using any oven. They cooked this in pot by keeping it on hot coal and some hot coals placed on closed lid. Like this way my grand mother used to cook and taste was wonderful. Now new generation is using pressure cooker instead of pot. Yes we don't have that much patience and don't have time too.So cooker is a good option.

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Old picture

Old picture
Egg                                                       : 3
Sugar                                                    : 5 tbsp
All purpose flour                                   : 5-7 tbsp
Cardamom powder                                  : ½ tsp
Pinch of cooking soda
Ghee                                                     : 1 tbsp
Cashews and Raisins                               : 1 tbsp

1)    In a bowl add eggs and beat well
2)   Add sugar and beat again(make three fold) (if you add more sugar more chances to get burn or stuck bottom)
3)   Add cardamom powder (or vanilla essence) and cooking soda,  beat well (at this time you can add pinch of turmeric powder for yellow colour)
4)   Then add all purpose flour to it, mix slowly (you can adjust flour based on egg size but one thing should keep in mind the batter should not be so thick. Because we are preparing this in pressure cooker so it must be in pouring consistency )
5)   In a pan heat cashew nuts and raisins. keep it aside (optional)
6)   Heat pressure cooker in low flame add ½ -1  tsp of ghee ,melt and spread nicely
7)   Pour egg batter into it and close the lid (don’t place weight)
8)   Keep in very low flame (lowest) for 5 minute
9)   Open the lid sprinkle fried cashews or raisins (at this stage pola will rise around three fold but will go settle later)
10) Close the lid and cook in low flame for 16-18 minute or inserted tester comes out clean

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