Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pazham nirachathu (Stuffed plantain)

I am reposting my old post pazham nirachathu. One of my favorite Malabar snack.  I think my old picture was not that much appealing so reposting with new picture and with slight modification.

2 plantains (ripe)
¾ cup grated coconut
3 tbsp sugar
Some sliced cashews
Pinch of cardamom powder
1 tbsp all purpose flour
Oil for fry

In a pan add coconut, cashews, raisins and sugar. Mix well and saute till sugar melt completely. Add 2 tsp water and finally add cardamom powder. Turn off flame and let it cool. Cut banana into two pieces. Make three long slit without cutting ends. Widen the cut and fill coconut mixture into it. Make a paste with all purpose flour, pinch of sugar and salt. Apply this paste on coconut filled part. Fry this stuffed bananas in hot oil till become golden brown color. Drain and serve hot. 

Old post

Plantain (ripe)                                           :     4 nos

Oil for frying


Grated coconut                                        :     1 and ½cup
sugar                                                          :     5½ tbsp
sliced Cashew nuts                                   :     1 tbsp (crushed)
Raisins                                                        :     1 tbsp
Cardamom powder                                    :     ½ teaspoon
Ghee                                                           :     1 tsp
Whole purpose flour/Maida                    :     1 and ½ tbsp
Oil for deep frying

1.  In a pan mix grated coconut and sugar, saute in medium fire until it turns light golden color
2.  In a separate pan heat ghee and fry cashew nuts and raisins
3.  Add fried cashew nut and raisins along with ghee into the coconut mixture and mix well.
4.  Finally add cardamom powder, take out from fire, let it cool
5.  Remove  outer skin of banana (plantain), make it two pieces (easier for frying) and make three long slit without cutting ends 
6.  Widen the cut and fill the coconut mixture into it
7.  Clean the whole part and make sure nothing is comes out
8.  Make a paste with whole purpose flour (maida)and water add half tea spoon of sugar and pinch of salt into it
9.  Cover the filled part of banana with this maida paste
10. Heat oil in a pan , slide the banana into it one by one and fry
11. Drain out the oil and serve hot

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