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Rice pudding

Rice pudding

Pudding is my all time favorite and I like to do experiments on it. Here I prepared pudding with leftover cooked white rice. You can prepare this recipe with uncooked rice also. 

rice (kaima/jeera)                                                     : ½  cup
(or you can use leftover cooked white rice                   : 1 ½ cup )
Milk                                                                          :  1 liter
Condensed milk                                                           : ½ cup
Egg                                                                            : 2
Sugar                                                                         : 3 ½ tbsp
Vanilla powder                                                            : 1 tsp
chopped apple                                                              : ½  cup            
Sliced cashew nuts                                                      : 2 tsp
Raisin and cashew nuts                                                 : 2 tsp
1. Cook rice in 3 ½ cup of milk (or cook leftover cooked white rice in milk till it become soft)
2. Add sugar and condensed milk into it and continuously stir to become thick
3. In a bowl beat the egg and keep aside
4. In a separate pan boil ½ cup of milk and add this into beaten egg (continuously stir egg while adding milk)
5. Then add this egg and milk mixture into rice .Stir well
6. Add sliced cashew nuts, apple and vanilla powder cook for 5 minute
7. Grease a casting bowl and pour rice mixture into it decorate with raisins and cashew nuts
8. Cook this in steamer  for 15-20 minute. After 20 minute take out the tray and let it cool
9. Once it cooled keep in refrigerator and serve cold

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