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Thari pola (Semolina cake)/ Thari kums - with stepwise picture

 Updated with new photos and stepwise picture enjoy....

As name indicate it's made with semolina. It's origin is Malabar. You can find so many varieties of 'pola' preparation in Malabar, like mutta pola, kadalakka pola and ari pola. I think pola is regional name of cake, I am not sure..... 


1/2 cup Semolina                                              

3 Eggs                                                             

5-6 tbsp Sugar                                                

1 tsp Vanilla powder / cardamom powder           

1 tbsp Ghee                                                         
or 25 g Butter                                                     

Cashew nuts and raisins                              

Old picture
Old picture

  1. In a pan roast (dry fry) semolina for 3-4 minute at low flame then let it cool
  2. Mix egg, sugar and vanilla powder/ cardamom powder in a separate bowl.  Beat with mixer and make fluffy
  3. Carefully add fried semolina to it and 2 tsp of ghee or melted butter
  4. Heat a pressure cooker at low flame and add 1 tsp of ghee (or heat nonstick deep bottom pan)
  5. Pour semolina egg mixture into it and close the lid (don’t put weight on pressure cooker lid)
  6. After 3 min open the lid and add dry fruits on top of it then close
  7. Keep this in low flame until steam comes out through the nozzle or insert a tooth pick and check it comes out clean
(you can prepare this in steamer instead of pressure cooker or pan)

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