Thursday, 29 August 2013

Thari unda (Fried semolina ball)

It’s a crispy sweet snack item famous in Malabar area especially in Vatakara region. I used prepare this when I prefer to eat sweet. It is very easy to make and require less ingredients. Definitely your kid will like this snack.

Semolina                                                     : 1    cup
Egg                                                             : 1
Sugar                                                         :  1/4 cup sugar

Cardamom powder                                       : 1 tsp
Small pinch of salt
Oil for deep fry
In a bowl mix the entire ingredient together and make thick dough.  Take small bits of dough  and deep fry in hot oil until it turns golden brown color. You need to cook at low flame otherwise outer part will turn into brown and inner portion will not cook well. 

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