Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Mutta pathiri/Mutta pathill/ Sweet bread pola/ pudding - with stepwise photos

As name indicate it is not a pathiri or rotti item, it can categorize as pudding. It is very famous in Malabar Muslims (Malabar is northern part of Kerala). During mailangi ceremony (day before the wedding)we should have to make this for bride's father's family members along with other special snacks and have to give special treat for them (in Thalassery and Vatakara area). I don't know any other place having this custom. 
Mutta pathiri is a sweet dish/ pudding, that can use as party appetizer or can serve with ice cream. 

5 Eggs                                             
¾- 1 cup Milk                                             
6-7 tbsp Sugar                                         
2 Bread slice                                            
½ tsp Cardamom powder                              
1 tsp Ghee                                                      
Cashew nuts and raisins for decoration

  1. In a bowl add eggs, sugar and cardamom powder. Mix well till sugar dissolve
  2. Soak bread pieces in milk
  3. Add this bread and milk mixture into egg
  4. Beat well till bread dissolves completely
  5. Heat a pressure cooker at low flame add ghee and spread nicely
  6. Pour egg mixture in cooker and close the lid (don’t place weight on lid)
  7. After 2 minute open the lid add  cashew nuts and raisin then close the lid and cook at low flame
  8. Cook till an inserted tester comes out clean

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