Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pazham kritha / Kai kritha

This is a common recipe found in Vadakara Payoli region (Malabar). This dish suitable for the kids those who doesn't like to eat banana and eggs. Easy to prepare dish.. any time you can prepare. 


2 Plantain banana(ripe)/ Nendra pazham                                  
2 Eggs                                             
4 tsp sugar                                           
½ tsp cardamom powder                         
½ tbsp ghee                                              

  1. Peel banana and cut into small squire pieces
  2. In a pan heat pure ghee and fry  banana till it turn golden brown colour
  3. Take a bowl add 2 eggs, sugar and cardamom powder and mix well
  4. Add this egg mixture into the fried banana in same pan, mix together and fry till it become dry.
  5. Turn off the flame and let it cool
  6. Serve with fried cashew nut

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