Sunday, 1 September 2013

Steamed bicolor sponge cake

Steamed bicolor sponge cake

This cake I prepared in steamer.It came out perfect with spongy texture. I was searching for an alternative methods for oven baking now I am success in it and I prepared five different cakes without oven.

Butter    (at room temperature)                                   : 1 ½ tsp
Egg                                                                            :  4
Sugar                                                                         : 3- 4 tbsp
Self rising flour/ all purpose flour                              : ½- ¾ cup
Cooking soda                                                               : ¼ tsp
Baking powder                                                             : ¼ tsp
Vanilla powder                                                             : 1 tsp (or vanilla essence1 tsp)
Pinch of salt
(Add baking powder and salt if you are using all purpose flour)
Pistachio syrup and rose syrup                                     : ½ tsp (or pinch of green and red food colour)

Pre set up
  1. Spread butter on 8 inch pan
  2. Heat steamer at low temperature
Cake making
  1. In a bowl mix butter, sugar and vanilla powder. Beat well till it become fluffy
  2. Add 3 egg yolk and one egg into it blend well to make three fold
  3. In a separate bowl wisk 3 eggs white and make creamy white peak. Slowly add this into above mixture and mix by folding
  4. Add flour along with cooking soda (mix flour and cooking soda then sieve at least two time)
  5. Mix very carefully
  6. Take two bowls and equaly add cake mixtue in to these bowls. Then add pistachio syrup in one mixture and rose syrup in another mix carefully
  7. Take cake pan and pour any of the mix into it first then add other one. Tilt slightly to mix and place in steamer. Cook at high flame
  8. After fifteen minute cake will be ready

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