Monday, 14 October 2013

Butter cake with cream and chocolate topping

Last month I didn't post any cake recipes so I am posting a basic butter cake. It's an easy cake any beginners can prepare this. 
Butter                     : 120g- 150g
Egg                          : 4
Sugar                       : ¼ cup
Vanilla essence          : 1tsp
All purpose flour      : 1 cup
Baking powder          : ¾ tsp
Pinch of salt
Milk                         : 2 tbsp
For topping
Cooking chocolate     : 100g
Butter                      : 20 g
Powdered sugar         : 2 tbsp
Whipping cream        : ½ cup
Powdered sugar         : 3 tbsp

1.     Pre heat oven at 1200C (temperature depend on your oven setting)
2.    Beat butter (at room temperature) to make soft
3.    Add sugar into it and whisk nicely to make fluffy
4.    Add egg and beat till it rise three fold
5.    Swift all purpose flour along with baking powder and salt. Do this two time
6.    Add this into above mixture and mix well
7.    Add milk into it beat few more minute
8.    Butter the cake pan (I used bread baking pan) and pour the mixture
9.    Level it and keep in oven for 30 minute at 1200C
10. Melt cooking chocolate with butter through double boiling method (keep chocolate and butter added bowl on top of boiling water)
11.  Once it melted add sugar and let it cool
12. Whip the cream nicely to get thick peak
13. Once chocolate syrup cooled take half portion of whipping cream and mix it  with chocolate syrup
14. Cover the cake with whipping cream and pour chocolate cream mixture on top

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