Thursday, 3 October 2013

Caramel custard

I am posting a basic caramel custard. Normally people used to  say that caramel custard preparation is a staring step for cooking practice. Yes it is a simplest pudding recipe ever.

Egg                         : 3
Milk                       : 250ml
Sugar                     : 2 tbsp
Vanilla essence        : 1 tsp
For caramel
Sugar                     : ¼ cup
Water                    : 1¼ tbsp

  1. Heat a pan and add ¼ cup of sugar with water
  2. Melt sugar till caramelised (till slight golden colour)
  3. Pour caramelised sugar in a mold or pan and keep it aside
  4. In a bowl add eggs, vanilla essence and sugar wisk well till sugar dissolves completely
  5. Heat milk and pour it in egg mixture with continuous stirring
  6. Pour this custard in caramelised sugar added pan/mold  and cover it with aluminium foil
  7. Cook this as double boiling (heat a pan and add water then place custard pan/ mold on this. Don’t  allow water to get boil cook this in medium foil )
  8. Run a knife around pan/ mold to unmold custard
  9. Invert into a plate and serve warm or cold

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