Friday, 1 November 2013

Besan ladoo

Besan ladoo is a popular sweet in India. This is a easy to make ladoo with gram flour. With campared to two other ladoo (coconut ladoo and semolina ladoo) this was little bit harder but taste was great. 
1 cup of coarse besan flour/ gram flour
(You can use regular besan flour but add 3 tsp of semolina to make it coarse)
½ cup of melted butter or ghee
¾ cup + 1 to 2 tbsp of powdered sugar
½ tsp of cardamom powder
1/4 cup of Crushed cashews and almonds
Add besan flour in butter containing pan mix nicely and switch on the flame, saute this in low flame (there is high chance to get burn your besan while frying so take care) after around 10 minute you will get nice smell. Add crushed cashews and raisins, continue stirring for 3-5 more minutes. Switch off the flame. Add sugar and cardamom powder mix thoroughly. Make ladoo still it warm 

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