Friday, 21 February 2014

Avocado date shake

Taking small break from heavy meal recipes ;) so just posting simple shake recipe. Today was very hectic day. Prepared some authentic Malabar dishes for lunch especially for the guest who came from Thalassery. From appetizer (starter) to dessert I prepared only Malabar dishes. 
I can tell this shake as healthy even though the word 'healthy'is not suit for me :). Here I used worlds most health benefit fruit avocado and date so a complete health drink....

1 avocado
10 dates
½ litre frozen milk (or 1 ½ cup milk + ¼ cup evaporated milk with some ice cubes )
5-6 tbsp sugar (depend on sweetness of dates)

Peel outer skin of avocado. Make small pieces. Put this into a blender along with dates, sugar and milk (you can avoid sugar by increasing the number of dates). Blend and serve chill

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