Saturday, 1 February 2014

Pidi payasam -my first guest post

Most awaited day came my first guest post that is for a lovely person Rafeeda who blogs at “The big sweet tooth” . I am sure I don’t need to tell anything about her as you all know I am also have same opinion that she is a very supportive and lovely person. She was the first person who commented and +1’d my blog post. I am a big fan of her write ups when I read her post I feel I am sitting in front of her and I am hearing directly. Sometimes I think I know her and her family long back.

This is my 100th post and I promised her that my 100th post will be for her. Because I want to share happiness with this lovely person. But unfortunately some circumstance didn't favor me to post any recipes almost one month and I worried about my promise. Alhamdulillah last few days I managed.

Because she is a very sweet person I gave her a sweet recipe Pidi payasam. This is a traditional recipe of Muslims those resides in Calicut and Kannur area of Kerala (if anybody knows it prepares in some other place please correct it.).  This we prepare on the day before Eid. To convey the happiness of new moon observation we prepare this at night and parcel it into neighbor homes. 

For ingredients and preparation please visit “The big sweet tooth”. Thank you Rafeeda for giving me this wonderful chance. 
(For Rafeeda- sorry dear I don't know what all I wrote in that post. That day I was struggling heavy headache so I didn't check correctly. Sorry...)

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