Thursday, 7 April 2016

Beat the Heat -Juices

It's summer time stay hydrated. Have plenty of water and refreshing juices. 

Grape fruite juice

2 grapefruite
small piece of ginger
2 tsp honey or sugar if you prefer

1)     Collect flesh part from grape fruite avoid white part (how to cut grape fruite? Shown in picture below). Because of bitter taste people always avoid grape fruite juice but if you discard the white part carefully you can make a tasty and healthy juice.
2)    Along with ginger and honey/ sugar put the grape fruite in blender (or in slow juicer). Blend it then strain and collect the juice. have it with 2-3 ice cubes

Carrot juice
2carrots (peal and make small pieces)
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp honey/sugar
1 cup cold water

Blend all the ingredients together then stain and collect the juice. serve with ice cubes

Cucumber juice
2 cucumber (peal and make small pieces)
¼ piece of lime
few mint leaves
small piece of ginger
2 tsp honey (optional)
¼ tsp pepper powder and pinch of salt optional (optional)
¼ cup cold water

You can prepare this juice two ways either you can add honey or pepper powder and salt. For this you just need to put all ingredients in blender and pulse 3-4 time. We added lime so just pulse it we don’t want to grind lime. Strain and collect juice. Add required amount of cold water to dilute and serve with ice cube

Mango juice

It’s a well known juice I think I don’t need to give preapation procedure. As this is mango season in India I thought to make this juice. Take mangoes, peal and cut into small pieces, thraw this in blender with sugar and water ( for 1 mango ¼ cup cold water). Serve with ice cubes

How to cut grape fruit?

Cucumber juice

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