Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Semiya payasam/ vermicelli payasam

Sharing one of the most common payasam semiya payasam/ vermicelli payasam/ vermicelli kheer. There are so many kinds vermicelli payasam preparation across India. Here I am sharing a common way of semiya payasam preparation during festival time in Kerala. This is one of the important members in kerala sadya recipe.  Lets check how it prepares...

100g vermicelli/ semiya (I used thin semiya)
1 litre milk
400ml water
130g sweetend condensed milk (1/3 portion of 400g sweetend condensed milk)
¼ cup sugar
1 tsp cardamom powder
2 tbsp ghee/ clarified butter
pinch of salt
cashews and raisins

1)     Here I used thin vermicelli so I didn’t dry fry it. If you are using normal vermicelli first dry fry it in heavy bottom pan till it turn light golden colour. Keep aside
2)    Add water and milk in the pan (heavy bottom pan or uruli). Keep in high flame. Stir continuously still milk start to boil. Once boiled keep in medium flame and stir occasionally
3)  Once the added water evoparated completely add condensed milk. After 3 minutes add vermicelli. Mix continuously, because vermicelli is so thin there is higher chance to get lumps.
4)     Once vermicelli cooked (it will take only 3 minutes) add cardamom powder.
5)   Mean time heat a pan and add 2 tbsp ghee. Then fry cashews and raisins. First fry cashews then raisins
Add this fried cashews and raisins in payasam along with ghee.

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