Thursday, 5 May 2016

Banana pola

This is not a normal type of pola. It is more like a soft dessert. Have this with ice cream, I guarantee you the taste will be amazing. When you hear banana pola you will be thinking about the recipe with plantain (nenthra pazham) but this is with cavendish banana, the one we call Philippine banana in GCC. 


2 overripe banana (Cavendish banana)
3 (big size) eggs
¼ cup sugar or less
½ tsp vanilla essence
¼ cup milk
½ tsp ghee/oil

In a blender beat bananas with milk and keep aside. Whip eggs with sugar. Once the egg mixture wiped well add in the blended bananas then add vanilla essence. Mix by folding. Heat a deep botton non-stick pan then add ghee/oil and once the ghee melted  swich off the flame then pour  prepared mixture into the pan. Close the pan and cook at low flame (flame should be lowest or you can keep this pan on a tawa that placed on the low flame so you can avoid the burning of bottom portion). Cook for 20 minutes. Once it cooled keep in refrigerature for 2 hour. Serve with ice cream as a  dessert.

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