Sunday, 8 May 2016

Nura pathiri/ Nura pathil

I can assure that this will be the thinnest weightless dosa you ever had. First time I heard it from my friend, she is from Kannur she told me that nura pathiri is important dish when  bridegroom comes to home (Puthiyapila salkaram). From that time I started to prepare this pathiri (almost 12 year before). In my region we have lots of pathiris but nura pathiri was new to us. Now this is my favourite pathiri among all others. Have it with your favourite curry.. Nura pathiri without chicken curry we can't think.

1 cup raw rice
4 eggs (you can use 3 if egg is big in size)
salt to taste

Soak the rice for 3 hour. Drain and grind with some water to make smooth batter.
Mix eggs and salt into the rice batter. Beat the mixture with hand mixer or stand mixer. Collect the froth (avoid batter)
Heat a non-stick tawa. Pour one ladle full of froth into the hot tawa and spread as dosa (as shown in below).
You need to cook it one side only. This will become cooked within few second as we are using only froth.
Continue the beating process to get froth and repeat till the batter finishes completely. When you repeating this process you can collect froth and make pathiris .

You can have this nura pathil with chicken curry or your favourite curry.  

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