Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Panchara paata

First time I tasted it when I was small kid, I remember that was my cousin's marriage party. I loved it at the moment I tasted it. When this one served in front of me I was unsure how to eat it then an old lady came and broke this with her hand later told me to eat it with small banana and sugar. It's crispiness that I loved. 

When I started blogging I was thinking about this dish but the problem was I didn't know it's name, recently I came to know the name is Panchara patta.  

1 ¼ cup raw rice
5 eggs
pinch of salt (optional)
oil to deep fry (you may need  half to one litre oil depends on your pan size)

Soak the rice for 3 hour in water then drain and grind it into smooth batter by adding some water. Batter should not be too much watery.

 Add eggs and salt then beat it with a beater (I used stand mixer it gave me more frothy rice than hand beater. This is my third time preparation first I tried with beater that also gave me good result but not like stand mixer).

Collect the froth and pour 2 big ladle full of froth into hot oil in a deep bottom pan (you can use normal wok I used deep botton pan to get round shape).  Repeat the beating till all rice mixture finishes in the form of froth.

Fry  at medium high flame till the froth settled then add more froth. How much the size you want is you can decide normallt it is two inch in size but I prepared some thick and some thin. This way I prepared 6.  

Because I used deep bottom pan I flip over the one side cooked panchara paata by using two forks. Fry till it become slight golden brown color. Drain the oil and collect the panchara paata in a colander, that placed on a bowl. It will take 2-3 days to drain oil completely from panchaara paata.

Once all the oil drained you can have it with sugar and banana. So for that you have to crush panchara paata with your hand and add sugar and banana. Or you can serve it by spreading sugar on top of panchara paata. All sugar granules will settle in the small pores in panchara paata.

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