Saturday, 14 May 2016

Raspberry shake

My son has a habit to pick strawberries, raspberries and all other colourful fruits whenever we go for shopping. First day he will eat one or two but after that he not even open the box. So to avoid spoiling I use to make coarse paste with fruits and sugar. That way I can use these fruits for shakes and juices for few days by keeping this paste in fridge.  This is one of the shake I prepared that way. Below measurement is not for bulk quantity this is for one glass shake.

75- 100g raspberry
3-4 tbsp sugar (sugar according to your taste)
3/4cup milk
5-8 ice cubes


First I crushed raspberry by fork then added sugar into it. After mixing I transferred this into a cooking pan and cooked it for 3 minutes at low flame (you don’t need to do this way because I had lots of raspberry so to avoid getting waste I prepared this way. The amount I showed hear is for single drink) allowed it to cool. When it cooled I took this into a blender along with milk and ice cube. Blended well and served it by garnishing raspberry paste.

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