Sunday, 18 June 2017

Stuffed egg fry (Joy From Fasting To Feasting- X)

The day came… I got recognised… and she messaged me….

You will be thinking what I am talking about! I am just sharing my joy with you dears….Yes today’s my recipe is for Lubna who blogs at Yummy Food, and it is for the event named as ‘Joy From Fasting To Feasting’ then how I will be not happy? I am a lazy blogger this I have mentioned so many time you may know that, still she messaged me regarding this event. So what can be the happiest moment other than this? And I came to know this is tenth and last event in this category. If she didn't message me this time I would never have got this chance...
So for this joyful event, I wanted to give some snack item that we (Malabar people) normally use for iftar, after a lot of thought process I decides this yummy 'stuffed egg fry'. I was happy with the recipe but the picture was not good enough. So I was worried about my photos, especially when she is an excellent photographer. But she ensured me nothing to worry it’s fine. For the detailed recipe of yummy stuffed egg fry please visit Lubna's space....

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