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About myself

Hi I am Resna a blessed wife of Nishad and mother of Aman. Basically I am a researcher in the field of biological science. Doing PhD in biotechnology subject.I love to work under laboratory environment and do experiments. Similarly I love to do experiments in kitchen. Both are my passion but I choose research as my profession and cooking as my pleasure. I am from northern region of Kerala, a beautiful state of India. Now I am residing in Qatar with my family. 

I love to eat foods especially cakes and desserts. In qatar I really miss all malabar food items especially "''Kallummakaya nirachathu'', ''Meen niracha pathiri'', and ''Kunjorotti''. So I decided to call back all that tastes in my life. Without my husband's encouragement and support this blog was not possible. My husband and son is my strength I thank to them. They do lot of adjustment according to my busy life especially now I am PhD scholar. 

My Recipes

All my recipes here I am offers tried and tested, easy, and mostly traditional. Most of them are come from my surroundings that shared my life and modifications of other recipes from books and shows. Some of the recipes I posted here are I tasted when I was small kid but the taste remained in my tongue  till. I inquired about those dishes to lot of people and searched online to prepare without losing its traditional taste. 

This is my hard work and effort so don’t use my photos without my permission. Recently I saw some of my photos in some cooking apps and other fb groups till now I haven't took any action if I see more I need...So please understand behind all recipes and photos lot of effort require hope you all respect my works. Even I found some of my recipes in published books (they copied without my permission) these all really hurts...

I need your all support...
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